Entry 1: Professional Growth and Contributions

Entry 1 measures analysis of and reflection on professional growth and its impact on student* learning. Entry 1 gives you an opportunity to show in what ways you:

  • analyze your practice and reflect on the strength of your skills and content knowledge (Criteria 2b and 2c)
  • advocate for curriculum that meets the needs of each student* (Criterion 3a)
  • collaborate in school improvement and decision making (Criterion 3b)

For this entry, you will provide written commentary and artifacts that describe your practice and the ways in which you have impacted student* learning.

Before responding to this entry, read all associated materials to gain a thorough understanding of the elements of the entry. These include:

The Needs Assessment

The Needs Assessment is a tool to help you determine your focus goals for Entry 1. It is to be used as a reference and is NOT submitted for scoring. Through use of the Entry 1 rubric, the Needs Assessment helps you examine your current practice and reflect on 2 questions:

  1. Does my current practice result in a score at the "Criterion Met" level?
  2. What in my current practice would result in a score at the "Criterion Not Met" or "Criterion Partially Met" levels?


* “Student” is defined as P-12 students and does not include adults/teachers.