Getting Started

The following tips are designed to help you prioritize your activities and organize your thinking as you build your ProTeach Portfolio.

  • Choose a ProTeach Portfolio registration window that best suits your personal and professional needs. For each registration window, you can choose from 2 submission deadline dates.
  • Register and pay the fee to gain access to the private, secure website in which you will build and submit your portfolio.
  • Review the directions for each entry (Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3) and the corresponding rubric (Rubric 1, Rubric 2, Rubric 3).
  • Read the resource documents for ProTeach Portfolio.
  • Get a calendar and work backward from your submission deadline date to set an entry completion schedule.
  • We recommend starting with the Needs Assessment and Entry 1 because the material you include in Entry 1 will influence Entries 2 and 3.
  • Develop a simple task analysis that lists what you are going to do, the evidence you need and by when you will complete the task (see suggested sample below).
    What do I need to do? What evidence do I need? Completion date
    • (List)
    • (List)
    • (List)
    • (List)
  • Build each entry on your private, secure website.
  • Review your responses to ensure that you have demonstrated the knowledge and skills required in the 3 standards and 12 criteria.
  • Score your responses against the rubrics.
  • Ask a colleague or support provider to read your entries and score them with the rubrics.
  • Submit your portfolio no later than your selected submission deadline date.