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Please use the links on this page (below) for Entry Directions and Scoring Rubrics. There is also much information throughout this website, with many specific questions answered on the FAQs page.

Washington Professional Certification for Teachers Standards — The 3 standards and 12 criteria for the teacher professional certificate.

Assessment Calendar — A calendar to help you know when to register for ProTeach Portfolio.

Entry Directions — Directions for preparing and organizing each of the three entries in your ProTeach Portfolio.

Scoring Rubrics — Bulleted statements on a 4-point scale used to score your submissions. The rubrics contain quantitative and qualitative elements of evidence for each of the professional certificate criteria.

Needs Assessment (Word) — A tool to help you determine your focus goals for Entry 1. It is used as a reference and is NOT submitted for scoring. Printer-friendly format

Professional Growth Activities Log (Word) — A form to document your professional growth activities.

NOTE: CHROME USERS – There is a known issue with CHROME opening MS Office files – Please use a different browser to open this file (e.g. FireFox, Internet Explorer)

Student* Voice — An overview of the importance of incorporating student* voice in your written commentary.

Writing Guidelines — Suggestions to help you compose appropriate written commentary for each entry.

Library of Examples — A collection of actual written responses submitted by ProTeach Portfolio candidates. Organized by entry and by textbox, each example includes a stronger and weaker written response that you can use to compare against the rubric and your own work in order to evaluate the quality of evidence you have presented.

Criterion Feedback — Provides comments that support you in an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each criterion within submitted entries; an additional resource for use when making resubmission decisions.

Glossary (PDF) — Definitions of the important terms used throughout this website and the ProTeach Portfolio.

School/Class Profile — The profile provides a description of your classroom, school, district and community setting. The profile is located within the private, secure website you will use to build your ProTeach Portfolio entries. It is not scored.

Student* Release Form — A form that must be signed by each student's* parent or legal guardian permitting you to include the student's* work and/or image in your entries. Signed and completed forms are not submitted, but must be retained in your files in case of audit.

Adult Release Form (PDF) — A form that must be signed by each adult, permitting you to include their materials or images (e.g., photos, mentor assessments, peer reviews) in your entries. The provision that your portfolio may use others' work with the writer's permission does not include use of anyone else's WA ProTeach portfolio. Use of another educator's WA ProTeach portfolio is strictly prohibited. Signed and completed forms are not submitted, but must be retained in your files in case of audit.

Spanish-language Release Forms — Spanish-language versions of the Student* Release Form and Adult Release Form.

Washington ProTeach Portfolio Policies and Procedures (updated September 2010) — A complete guide to the ProTeach Portfolio policies and procedures.


* "Student" is defined as P–12 students and does not include adults/teachers.