Building and Submitting Your Portfolio

Building Your Portfolio

See instructions for building and submitting your portfolio for the June 2019 submission at

Submission Dates

  1. The choice of 2 submission deadline dates is defined by the date on which you register. Before registering, consider your teaching schedule and set a reasonable timeline to plan your entries, collect evidence, write your commentary and submit your portfolio. Your personal schedule will be a major factor in the choice of a submission deadline date and, hence, your registration date.
  2. All ProTeach Portfolio registration windows allow you to choose from 2 submission deadline dates (January 31 or June 28).
  3. You must select a submission deadline date when you register. After beginning work, if you are unable to meet that submission deadline date and if your registration window has not yet closed, you can choose to submit your portfolio on the alternate date presented within that registration window. The fee to change your submission date within your registration window is $100.
  4. Your portfolio must be submitted online no later than 11:59 p.m. PT on the submission deadline date that you chose.

No changes to your portfolio are permitted after you have submitted it for scoring. However, after submission, you will always be able to view your portfolio via your private, secure ProTeach Portfolio website.

Resubmitting Entries

In the event you choose to resubmit one or more entries, the online authoring process is identical to that which you used for your initial portfolio submission. However, you will be assessed a resubmission fee, depending on the entry(ies) you choose to resubmit.

Resubmission Guidelines

  1. Criterion scores are automatically banked.
  2. You can resubmit any or all entries, regardless of the score(s) previously received.
  3. The highest score earned on each criterion will always be used in calculating your composite score, regardless of when an entry is submitted.
  4. The entire entry must be prepared for resubmission, even if you are strengthening only select criteria within an entry.
  5. You can use the same lesson or assignment originally submitted, but the majority of the written commentary and artifacts must be different. Resubmissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will not receive a score. Be advised, your original written response will be automatically replaced with new, empty textboxes at the time of resubmission registration.

    NOTE: Software is utilized to scan all written commentary for overlap with previous submissions or with another candidate's submissions. Scores will be voided, and an investigation with the ETS Office of Testing Integrity may be initiated. Results of all investigations conducted are forwarded to the PESB (WAC 181-87-050, Misrepresentation or Falsification in the Course of Professional Practice).

  6. To protect from bias, scorers will not know they are scoring a resubmitted entry.

Building and Submitting Your Portfolio — Recap