Registration Fee

The registration fee for an initial ProTeach Portfolio submission is $570. The fee must be paid in full by credit/debit card or e-check (no paper checks) at the time of your registration. After you have confirmed your eligibility and paid the fee, you may begin building your online ProTeach Portfolio.

Resubmission Fees

If you do not meet the passing score on your first attempt, you can choose to resubmit any one, two or all three entries. The resubmission fees vary depending on the number of entries you choose to resubmit. The resubmission fee will be calculated when you re-register for the ProTeach Portfolio. The resubmission fees for each entry are as follows:

Service Fee for registration
Resubmission Entry 1 – Professional Growth and Contributions $170
Resubmission Entry 2 – Building a Learning Community $175
Resubmission Entry 3 – Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment $225

Additional Fees

Additional fees may be assessed in certain situations. These fees include:

Service Fee for registration
Late registration $150
Changing your submission deadline date $100
Score verification $55
Rescore Entry 1* $85
Rescore Entry 2* $85
Rescore Entry 3* $100

* Please see FAQ #16 under "Scoring."

Fee Reductions

There are a limited number of fee reductions available during each registration window for candidates who meet established financial qualifications. A Fee Reduction application must be submitted and approved. If you believe you qualify for a fee reduction, download the Fee Reduction application and submit it to ETS for review.

Changing Your Submission Deadline Date

Your portfolio is expected to be submitted on or before the submission deadline date that you chose at the time of registration. However, we understand personal and/or professional developments sometimes arise that may affect your ability to complete the assessment. Therefore, during the entire period of your registration window, you may change your submission deadline date to the date not initially chosen (dates not offered in your registration window cannot be selected). No changes are permitted after your registration window has closed. The fee to change your submission deadline date is $100.


There are 2 instances in which you may be eligible for a refund:

  1. Candidates who cancel at any time within their registration window shall be refunded a portion of the assessment fee paid. These refunds break down as follows:
    Service Refund Amount
    Initial Registration Refund $250
    Resubmission Entry 1 Refund $95
    Resubmission Entry 2 Refund $95
    Resubmission Entry 3 Refund $120
  2. Refund requests for hardship cases will be considered by ETS on an individual basis, in consultation with the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB). If you believe you may be eligible for a hardship case, please e-mail waproteach@ets.org for more information.

While the following situations may occur at any time during the registration and/or assessment period, you will not be entitled to a refund if you:

  1. change your submission deadline date after the close of your registration window
  2. cancel your registration after the close of your registration window
  3. submit nothing by 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) on your submission deadline date
  4. submit entries in which none of the criteria can be scored
  5. receive a score report with the "NS" or "nonscorable" designation
  6. do not pass your ProTeach Portfolio assessment and later contend you did not need to take or were not eligible to take the ProTeach Portfolio assessment
  7. are assessed an additional fee beyond your initial registration and/or resubmission fees